Friday, May 15, 2020

Fun with Cubism: Acrylic Painting a simple still life

Fun with Cubism:
 Acrylic Painting of a Still Life in the Cubist style 

Sunday May 31, 2020
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm  
cropped view of paitning by Picasso

In this online workshop through Patris Studio ZoomRoom,
we will explore elements of the cubist style first, taking a closer look at examples of still life paintings by Cubist Artists, and discussing various elements characteristic of this style.

We'll then take a simple still life object, create a cubist style design based on our object, and then create our own interpretation of a cubist style painting. 

Patris will demo using a pear, and interpret it through a Cubist style.  Participants are welcome to follow along or create their own Cubist still life.  

We will also be talking about various acrylic painting techniques for applying paint.

Students will need their own art supplies including acrylic paints in various colors, including black, brushes and a canvas, a palette or other surface to put paint on, a water container and paper towels. 

Tuition accepted through Venmo at Patris-Miller, paypal, or send in a check to Patris Studio, 3460 2nd Avenue, Sacramento 95817. 

To Register: please email Patris at
and a link will be sent to you to sign into Patris Studio ZoomRoom online.

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