Thursday, May 30, 2013

Preparing for plein air painting

A great day for a plein air painting lesson with teacher Randy Blasquez.   There is a great view right outside the studio do and lots of shade in the front.
Here Randy shows her students some techniques and approaches to use when painting outdoors on location.  This is an awesome set up and one I will definitely try out in the field.  Have a great plein air painting trip to France Randy and students!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Art plays a part in supporting the local economy

  How does the local economy benefit from an artist workshop or class at Patris Studio and Art Gallery? Every Tuesday, Randy Blasquez and her class enjoys lunch at Old Soul, one block from the studio.  It seems like all the artists coming to the studio are enjoying the coffee, the food, the adult beverages available at  Old Soul at 40 Acres, 35th and Broadway in the Triangle District of Oak Park..  

Guess where we went for our cappuccino, coffee drinks, and lunch during this plein air workshop?  Right up the block to Old Soul. Art feeds the local economy and Old Soul feeds the artists!

Fantastic Still Life Workshop with Abigail VanCannon

We had a great still life workshop this Saturday with Abigail VanCannon.  We are looking forward to having her a 4-week still life painting class this June.  More details TBA--stay tuned!
Abigail demonstrating the limited palette approach.
Everyone did a great job and learned alot from our teacher.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Michael Siegel portrait workshop--come join us!

Here is a detail from one of Michael Siegel's portraits he painted.  He is an amazing teacher and I have learned so much from him.  If you are ready to improve your portrait painting skills, then this workshop is definitely for you. We have a few spaces left in the Sacramento workshop June 14 - 16.  I am really looking forward to studying with this modern master! How about you?

Still life Study in Natural Light

Tuesday Oil Painting Class with Randy Blasquez. She had her students paint a still life set up outside the studio so they could study the natural light on their subject matter.  Great lesson!  We noticed how the cool blue hues of the sky become a lot more obvious in the light planes.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Take your portrait painting skills to the next level

Have you ever been to a workshop where you finally feel like you can take your painting skills to the next level?  In this workshop from June 14 - 16, you will be amazed at how much you can learn when studying with modern master and artist extraordinaire Michael Siegel.  Space is limited--register now!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

2nd Saturday happening in Oak Park at Patris Studio and Art Gallery

We had a great model, lots of new people joining in the Art in Action, and some really great art being created! Thanks everyone who came out to the Patris Studio and Art Gallery on 2nd Saturday.  Remember: every 2nd Saturday from 3 pm - 6 pm we have a complimentary model session for you to come draw, sculpt or paint from  a live model. A special shout out to the Oak Park Business Association for supporting our 2nd Saturday Art in Action and allowing everyone to have an opportunity to work from a live model.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Still Life Workshop May 25--only 3 spots left

We are excited to have SF Art Academy MFA graduate Abigail VanCannon teaching a still life workshop at the studio on May 25.  Only a few spots left--contact Patris to sign up. 
Abigail VanCannon Workshop
May 25
9:30 am - 1 pm

Monday, May 6, 2013

Another great event in the Gallery

Great food, great people, a great community.  I feel blessed and grateful to live in a community with passionate and creative people who are working together to make Oak Park a fabulous place to live, work, and play.
Awesome musicians from the neighborhood!  You guys are amazing and a great time was had by all.  Thank you everyone who joined us at the Patris Studio and Gallery for the Oak Park Neighborhood Association's party.