Saturday, April 27, 2019

Announcing: Michael Siegel Still Life and Portait Painting Workshop

During the golden age of painting from the 1600s-1900s, painting took on a sculptural approach, where brushstrokes reigned supreme in carving out form and texture. This workshop will focus on a sculptural approach to painting, as well as the “chiaroscuro” approach of the old masters, which used strong light and rich shadow to create intense and dramatic paintings. 

In this workshop, MIchael will demonstrate methods and materials, and cover subjects such as: 

  •  light vs. shadow, 
  • painting as a sculptural language of brushstrokes, 
  • designing powerful compositions using lighting, 
  • value, color, edges, and paint quality, 
  • and finally the use of oil painting mediums and varnishes. 

All levels are welcome, from beginner to professional.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Awesome Landscape Painting Workshop with John Poon

John Poon explaining good design principles/

Block in stage of demo.  Fabulous lessons on step by step process for landscape painting.

John is someone who can articulate and explain clearly the principles of landscape paintning.  We are lucky to have him as our teacher!

Great demos.  Great instruction.  Great opportunity to study, learn and grow.  Thanks John Poon for teaching us this week!