Saturday, May 31, 2014

Capitol Plein Air: Bogle Winery

We began this day of the workshop with a demos and mini-lectures on using color and brushwork to describe form, rather than describing  it from a tonalist approach. It's so very interesting to explore both ends of the painting spectrum.  

A beautiful place to learn and practice plein air painting in the Delta
We enjoyed each other's company, laughed alot and worked hard.  Nothing like a good picnic lunch to revive the painting spirit and keep us going for the rest of the day.  

Lunch time demo by Elio.

After a full day of painting, we headed over to the Dinky Diner in Clarksburg
where Elio began a sunset demo.
Fact or Fiction: Humphrey the Whale really was seen in the Delta waters--AGAIN. 

Elio's demo really was a beautiful, vivid statement of color, brushwork, and creative artistic expression.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Capitol Plein Air Workshop Day 2: Tower Bridge

Our workshop began with a demo and lecture about some aspect of painting and composing.  Today we set up near the Tower Bridge. 
Lots of learning and  lots of min-lessons gave us lots to think about. 

It was a beautiful day and great outdoor painting weather.  Many of the artists tackled this complicated subject matter with help and support from our fabulous teacher. Not an subject to paint, but a great challenge. 

Fact or Fiction: Humphrey the Whale was observed swimming in the Sacramento River.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

Elio Camacho 5 Day Plein Air Workshop Day #1

Elio begins his "huge" demo with a quick block in. 

A beautiful place to paint and learn down in the Delta today with plenty of shade to keep us cooler during the heat!

Getting started!

Elio finishes his demo as we observe his process.
A gorgeous painting and an inspiring demo of beautiful color, and energetic brushwork,.

A great day and a wonderful plein air workshop in progress.
Elio will be teaching us all this week and then next week he'll join us to  just paint, paint, paint!
That's 10 days of Plein  Air Painting!!!! 

Announcing:Gesture Drawing Seminar with Salvatore Victor


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Patris: Featured Local Artist Interview with Patris

Patris: Featured Local Artist Interview with Patris: Featured Local Artist Interview with Patris May 2014 click here to read the interview:

Friday, May 9, 2014

2nd Saturday for a Cause--donate your model fee

This 2nd Saturday, all tips and model fees will be donated to Team Will, a cycling organization that rides cross country to  visit children in hospitals stricken with cancer, provide financial support to the families dealing with this horrible disease, and raise awareness of the realities of childhood cancer.   Please consider bringing a small donation and 
Make Art for a Cause!

read more about this charity organization raising support and awareness of childhood cancer here  Team Will
Our model, a cyclist with Team Will, is posing for us.  She joins a team of cyclists heading out next month to ride across the nation to visit cancer-stricken children, and help raise financial support for the families struggling financially in this crisis.