Monday, January 27, 2014

A fabulous encaustic workshop with Paco Benitez

Internationally known encaustic artist Francisco "Paco" Benitez from New Mexico began the workshop by sharing about the tradition of the encaustic medium and the Fayun Portraits of ancient times. 

Using a limited color range vary similar to the Zorn palette, he began developing this portrait painting with wax and using heat tools to manipulate the application of wax onto the board.

Students worked from a live model as they applied the encaustic approach to working from life.  It was a great workshop with a fantastic group of people determined to learn this approach.  Everyone worked so hard and expended so much energy that a well deserved break after the workshop should be mandatory!  Thank you Paco for coming to California and we look forward to having you come back again.  Thanks everyone who participated in this amazing 3-day workshop.  Make Art!!!!!