Thursday, February 13, 2014

Intro to Plein Air Painting Workshop with Philippe Gandiol

Click here to download the flier for Phillipe Gandiol Intro to Plein Air Painting Workshop

New to Plein Air Painting?  Wondering how to begin painting outdoors?  If you answered yes, then the Phillippe Gandiol Workshop is the perfect place to begin learning what it takes to go outside and work "alla prima" or all at once in the fresh air, face to face with the world in front of you! 

In this Intro to Plein Air Painting Workshop, Phillipe will demystify and simplify the outdoor painting  approach.  A perfect place to begin your journey en plein air!!!
Phillipe Gandiol plein air painting.  Join us to learn techniques, ideas and approaches to help artists build skills needed to work outdoors.