Saturday, February 6, 2016

Announcing: Weekend Painting Clinic with Abigail VanCannon


You may have a stack of partially finished paintings in the closet or corner of the studio. For whatever reason they got  put aside and remain unfinished. Sometimes they get put away because of the constant challenges and problems that arise or maybe its just a timing issue. Whatever the reason, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to dust off the unfinished work and bring it to the workshop. 
During this workshop we'll review the unfinished pieces and Abigail will help create a plan to finish them. We'll work out the problem areas and discuss ways to make the pieces work. She will also be giving helpful tips on how to start paintings so that you can avoid stressful hiccups along the way. Together you will also cover ways to create a body of work and why you would want to create one. 

If you don't have any in process pieces that's ok! Bring in a couple photo references of something you've always wanted to paint. Under her professional guidance, you'll learn the beginning steps and a process that you can apply to all your future paintings. 

She is also planning to go out for dinner after class on Saturday night. We'll pick a yummy place and unwind from the painting day. Before class ends on Sunday we'll do a group review of our work with snacks and beverages.