Thursday, December 15, 2016

Announcing: Portrait Drawing and Head Construction 1-day workshop

Portrait Drawing & Head Construction 
One Day Workshop 
with Marco Ospina 

Join Marco for this one day Portrait Drawing Workshop. This session will cover the basics of the portrait drawing process with a mix of lecture, demo and exercises. This workshop will help students learn basic portrait techniques and gain proficiency in their own work.

drawing by Marco Ospina
Topics Include:
Basic anatomy of the skull, identifying bony landmarks and form giving muscles.

 A ‘block-in’ or detailed outline, using careful shading to suggest the unique forms of the portrait.

 Features, proportions and placement

Students will have the opportunity to study from a variety of source materials, including a live model.

Materials: Students are encourage to work with charcoal on regular drawing paper. Newsprint paper and charcoal pencils are also good. Bring kneaded eraser

Drawing by Marco Ospina

Where: Patris Studio - 3460 2nd Ave, 
Sacramento, CA 95817

When: Saturday January 28. 2017 - 10:00 am - 3:00pm (45 minute lunch break)

Cost: $70 (includes model fees and hand-outs) 

To Register: Contact Patris at

 For Information: Contact Marco Ospina at