Monday, January 23, 2017

Announcing: Guest Artist Teaching Series

Patris Studio and Gallery is proud to present our Guest Artist Teaching Series in February and March on Thursdays from 10 am - 2 pm.  Three very prominent and highly acclaimed artists will offer students of all artistic levels a series of art classes that explore different approaches, techniques and styles.
  • Thursdays February 16 - March 23, 2016
  • 10 am - 2 pm
  • $35 per class
  • bring your lunch or snack and regular art supplies 
  • contact Patris for more details, questions, or info

Our series begins with Leslie Toms
teaching February 16 and February 23, 2017
 click here to download flier

Color, light and luscious painterly brushstrokes have long characterized the works of California artist, Leslie Toms. The intense color and sunlight of the west coast, along with the influence of the Society of Six, Bay Area Figurative painters and other contemporary northern California artists, gives her art its singular character.

She has studied with some illustrious painters: Wolf Kahn, Gregory Kondos, Charles Sovek, Harrold Gregor, Joseph Raffael, Ann Toulmin Roth, Jerald Silva, Wayne Thiebaud and others. She counts among her friends some of California’s best painters.

Our 2nd Guest Artist is Marilyn Rose
teaching on March 2 and March 9, 2017

painting by Marilyn Rose

Says Marilyn, "I have been an artist from my earliest recollections, but life took me elsewhere and I lived it to the fullest. In midlife I returned to my art studies and began my never-ending and all-absorbing quest to learn all I could and become the best artist I can be.

In classes, workshops or from books, I studied drawing, values, design, brush and knife technique; color theory and practice, figure, portraits, landscape, still life, graphic arts, photography; anything I could find to aid me in my creative journey.

Some twenty years later, I am still running to catch up, always studying and it is a joyous adventure, whether alone in my studio, in the field with friends, or in the classrooms where I either teach or learn….sometimes both at once."

Marilyn has had the opportunity to study landscape, portrait, figure and still life painting with some of the nation's top artists including Ray Roberts, Gil Dellinger, Ned Mueller, Terry Miura, Craig Nelson, Brian Blood, Brian Mark Taylor, Camille Przewodek, Michael Siegel.

Our 3rd Guest Artist is Kristine Bybee
teaching March 16 and March 23, 2017

painting by Kristine Bybee
I believe that color is similar to the vibrations in music. The color’s sound can radiate across the room and vibrate around a viewer much the way music does for the listener, and like music; this tone can alter and even heal the spirit. Like any art form, painting is about craftsmanship and the study of the more formal aspects of painting as well as the spiritual. This study is always unfolding and changing. I appreciate the study, discipline, and the craft of making art because of this process of unfoldment. However, each time a new question is asked, more questions arise, and the journey goes on, ever farther, ever deeper.

This travel is never taken alone; though sometimes it is lonely sit in a studio without a friend or a teacher. Fortunately, I share these travels with other artists ... And, we all strive, juggle our schedules, and keep traveling to an unseen but satisfying destination together.