Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fabulous Michael Siegel Portrait and Still Life Workshop

Michael began the workshop with a short demo, explaining each step of his process, thoughts, and ideas that go into creating a portrait study.  He is a fabulous teacher and it's mesmerizing to watch him paint and articulate his thoughts so clearly. 

Everyone had the opportunity to learn so much from Michael's wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience.  

Victoria and Marilyn did some fabulous work and really applied what they had learned from Michael.  Of course we had a wonderful model who was a real trooper over the long 2 days of posing for us!!

Victoria did a beautiful portrait of the model!

 It's such a treat to devote a solid 3 days to painting and learning - with our busy schedules and all.  Juggling painting time with all of the other demands of an artist's schedule is an ever present reality, so this workshop was a wonderful way to immerse our artist selves!

Everyone did some amazing work this weekend.