Sunday, January 20, 2013

Open Studio Still Life Session #2 - concept: reflected light

1:30 pm - 5:00 pm --come anytime
Bring your art materials and let's begin by looking at how master artists used reflected light in their artwork.

Next we will work on a still life set up that incorporates reflected light and challenge ourselves to see and interpret through paint the different properties of light and shadow. There will be several angles and options to choose from--work on one painting or do multiple studies.
In this example, you can see how the light bounces from the surface into the shadow on the ball, which we refer to as reflected light.

NOTE:  This may also be done in black and white, charcoal, pencil, or any other medium. It's good practice in any medium!

So rather than struggling alone in our studios, let's get together and look at master artist references and to each other for some ideas on how we might capture the essence of the still life set up.
After 5:00 pm, we just might head up the block to Old Soul for some beverages of choice or small bites.

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